Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Develops Leaders, Promotes Brotherhood, and Academic Excellence while providing service and advocacy for our communities


Every member of this organization made a promise to be light of the world for the community we dwell in. Our purpose is twofold:

1.     Strengthen both college and alumni brothers to keep us collectively in the best position for our communities and

2.     Collaborate with our partners to serve our community with what is needed, when it is needed.

This promise will be a staple in the administration as the Regional Leadership will continue to view the people impacted by our chapters and districts as its own. The administration will pursue the following:

  • Develop strategic leadership opportunities for college and alumni Brothers
  • Leverage the Regional Conventions to enhance or establish partnerships in the community
  • Address retention by focusing on the emerging leaders in the organization, college and alumni
  • Encourage social and civic engagement within our respective communities
  • Develop a support system for brothers and partners pursuing the political arena